Personalized Services

Personalized services for students with LD, ADHD, Non-Verbal Disorders (NLD) and Aspergers.

  • Tips to ensure the “right fit”
  • College admission process review
  • Planning an individualized college timeline
  • Guidelines for LD and ADD documentation
  • Explanation of standardized testing accommodations
  • The accommodations and/or services available at specific colleges
  • Advice on high school course selection
  • Advice on extracurricular activities
  • Advice on summer programs
  • Compiling a list of target schools
  • Review of standardized tests and requirements
  • The college visit
  • Interview techniques
  • Preparing the application
  • Assistance with application completion to ensure the student is kept “on target
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Applying early decision
  • Essay brainstorming and editing
  • Activity sheet/ resume creation
  • Obtaining recommendation letters
  • Contacting admission representatives at colleges
  • Dealing with deferrals or wait list

Educational Consulting Services is available to work with students
worldwide and nationwide over Skype,
telephone and in person
within the greater New York City area.

We are here to help

Telephone: (718) 885 1150
Skype: theresa.peduto for more information.