Learning Disability Specialists

Philosophy “Rarely in life is the fate of individuals determined by what they cannot do.” ~ Howard Gardner

We work closely with students with learning differences and their families guiding them through the rigors of academic life from kindergarten to college serving as a mentor in a myriad of ways.

Educational Consulting Services works as a facilitator providing information and guidance on academic options that may include home schooling, alternative academic settings or a change of school placement.

We offer suggestions for addressing the needs of gifted/ learning disabled students, students with ADD and ADHD,  students with Asperger’s and NVLD.

Educational Consulting Services is available to work with students
worldwide and nationwide over Skype,
telephone and in person
within the greater New York City area.

We are here to help

Telephone: (718) 885 1150
Email: edconsultschool@gmail.com
Skype: theresa.peduto for more information.