Understanding the Cost/Obtaining a Visa

If you are not an American citizen
You are required to show resources to cover the I-20 cost
as listed for any given school.

Educational Consulting Services guides students through the process of
obtaining a student visa, clarifying terms, explaining tuition costs
determining availability of scholarships.

For the purpose of obtaining an I-20 student visa,
the student must demonstrate an ability to pay the tuition.

We explain the difference between direct cost and total cost of tuition.
We clarify the term need blind admissions versus need aware admissions.
We provide advice concerning required financial forms and documents.

Educational Consulting Services is available to work with students
worldwide and nationwide over Skype,
telephone and in person
within the greater New York City area.

We are here to help

Telephone: (718) 885 1150
Email: edconsultschool@gmail.com
Skype: theresa.peduto for more information.