What We Do

Educational Consulting Services will help international students:

  • Understand the application process and requirements
  • Provide advice on standardized testing options: SAT, ACT, SATII, TOEFL
  • Research colleges and universities to ensure a good fit based on the students interests and goals
  • Direct student to transcript certification and translation services
  • Assist with the application process
  • Brainstorm essay topics
  • Refine essays
  • Prepare a resume
  • Understand the visa application process for foreign students

Educational Consulting Services is available to work with students
worldwide and nationwide over Skype,
telephone and in person
within the greater New York City area.

We are here to help

Telephone: (718) 885 1150
Email: edconsultschool@gmail.com
Skype: theresa.peduto for more information.