What Colleges Look For


  1. Choosing Classes: Has the high school curriculum challenged the student?
    We advise selection of appropriate classes and course load.
  2. Transcripts: Do the grades represent effort and an upward trend? Transcripts consist of the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades; this is how the GPA is determined. First semester senior year grades are sent with the mid-year report and do not alter the GPA.We help students in addressing any downward fluctuations in grades.
  3. Standardized Testing: Are the SAT/ACT scores consistent with the student’s grades? The SAT and the ACT measure different skills.
    We help students determine the appropriate test based on his or her learning style and recommend taking or not taking SAT II’s. We also discuss test optional colleges if that is in the student’s best interest.
  4. Extracurricular Activities: Has the student been involved in activities: sports, clubs, publications, performances, debate, etc.
    We provide instruction on crafting an effective resume.
  5. Community Service: Has the student been involved in community service activities?
    We help the student to select meaningful volunteering opportunities where they may “make a difference.”
  6. Work/Independent Interests: Does the student work? Does the student spend significant time pursuing interests or activities outside of school? Students often devalue these all- important activities.
    We help students showcase their uniqueness, talents and achievements.
  7. Personal Essay: The essay should provide insight into the student’s personality, interest, values, and goals.
    We provide counseling on preparing the personal statement essay, including assistance with brainstorming topics and editing.
  8. Recommendations: Most colleges require a letter of recommendation from two teachers and a guidance counselor.
    Advice is provided on obtaining effective teacher recommendations.
  9. Supplementary Recommendations: Students may also obtain letters from coaches, work or volunteer supervisors who know the student well.
    We suggest obtaining appropriate outside recommendations.
  10. Special Attributes: Include honors, awards, evidence of unusual talent, experience, and leadership.
    We advise students, especially those considering competitive universities, on how to effectively showcase special qualities and achievements.

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