The Road to College

We guide the student through the entire admissions process.
Support is provided throughout the entire selection and application process.

Sophomore/Junior Year

  • Going to CollegeRegister for PSAT, PLAN, SAT, SAT II and/or ACT tests.
  • Keep an open mind when researching colleges.
  • Consult college guidebooks.
  • Explore college web sites.
  • Try to determine areas of interests: academic, extracurricular, and personal.
  • Request information from colleges.
  • Begin to visit colleges.
  • Analyze feelings about schools, keep written checklist, record impressions, and take pictures.


Spring of Junior Year

  • Consult with school counselor.
  • Develop an initial list of 15 colleges
  • Determine admission criteria: range of standardized test scores, GPA, if SAT II tests are required, writing section of ACT, etc. Be certain that you have met or will meet those requirements by the deadline.
  • Schedule visits during spring break.
  • Assess: Reasonable chance on admittance based on SAT/ACT scores and GPA. Strong departments in areas of academic interest. Suitable location. Availability of support and psychological services if needed.
  • Take SAT, SAT II, AP and/or ACT tests.



  • Plan summer carefully. Summer activities should consist of meaningful experience(s),work, studies, and/or community service, preferably an extension of something started previously.
  • Begin work on activity sheet and personal essay.
  • Common Application becomes available on August 1. Begin to fill in forms.
  • Schedule interviews at colleges.


Fall Senior Year

  • Consult with high school college counselor.
  • Consider early decision
  • Take remaining SAT/ACT tests and send scores to colleges.
  • Ask for teacher recommendations.
  • Narrow list to 6-12 colleges and create a balanced list of reach, target and likely schools.
  • Continue filling out applications.
  • Work on supplement essays.
  • Continue visits and schedule interviews.
  • Submit applications

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