Application Process

Education Consulting Services provides total hands-on guidance throughout the college preparation, selection, and application process. We offer advice, strategies, and research-based information about the admissions process. Our services include consultations with the student and their family in order to gain an understanding of the student’s background and interests and parental concerns.

Each student is viewed as a unique individual; the student’s talents, values and aspirations are afforded the most meticulous attention. We then determine and develop an appropriate college action plan, which includes a list of target schools that will best serve each student’s special strengths, needs, interests and talents.


Educational Consulting Services is available to work with students
worldwide and nationwide over Skype,
telephone and in person
within the greater New York City area.

We are here to help

Telephone: (718) 885 1150
Skype: theresa.peduto for more information.