About Theresa Peduto

For over 15 years, Theresa Peduto has worked as an educational consultant and college advisor, guiding students and their families through the rigors of academic life from kindergarten to college to graduate school. Her expertise regarding the college selection process extends to students with specialized interests and includes students in the arts, international students, as well as students with learning disabilities.

Theresa serves as a mentor in a myriad of ways, enabling her students to successfully navigate the maze of choice and decisions. Theresa began her career in education working as a consultant in NYC’s District 11, where she pioneered the use of Co-Writer, a speaking word prediction program.

She has conducted teacher-training workshops on the use of assistive technology and as a grant writer obtained funding for computers in resource rooms. Theresa has lectured at various schools and organizations on topics ranging from the college application process to executive function issues. She has published numerous articles in the ATIS Bulletin, Independent Schools as well as several other educational journals.

Theresa serves as director of SPINS, Students’ and Parents’ Information Network Support, Inc. a not-for-profit corporation and is a co-founder of the SPINS Independent Schools’ Committee. She was editor-in-chief and feature writer for the SPINS Newsletter.

In 1995, Theresa co-founded the Horace Mann School Learning Disability Support Organization for Parents. HM’s group has become a model, inspiring other independent schools to emulate. Theresa has lectured at various schools, organizations, and colleges addressing the subject of learning disabilities from both a professional’s and a parent’s perspective.

For over 25 years, Theresa has volunteered her time working as an advocate for students.Because of her volunteer efforts, commitment and dedication to empowering students with learning disabilities, Theresa has received several accolades including a Congressional Proclamation, a Business Service Award from her local Chamber of Commerce, and citations from the NY State Assembly and the NY City Council.

Theresa Peduto

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